Friendship Rebuilding – How To Fix Broken Friendship?

Friendship…something much sweeter than love, much stronger than enmity and much eternal than…wait a second, eternal did I say? Well, not all of you will agree with that, will you? No matter what, you’d say, a friendship doesn’t last a lifetime, eh? And I’m sure if you are saying that, then you’ve been through a rather heart wrenching break up with a friend who meant a lot to you. A friend who meant so much to you, that even today if you think of him or her, you feel an emptiness fill you up, a deep longing to experience those favorite kind of stomach aches you had while laughing with them would engulf you, yes I understand the feeling. And hereby, I’ll let you know precisely how to get those moments of fun and love back – how to fix a broken friendship!

Make the first move: You know he’s wrong, you’d say. No matter who hurt whom, who cheated whom, who betrayed whom, if your friend means something to you, surge ahead and try to talk to him. Make the first move. Just kill your ego for a bit and focus on getting your friendship right on track. Do it immediately – call him or her or even an email would do. A letter – however old it may sound – is one of the best showcase of emotions. If you write it all down, I’m sure it’ll touch your friend’s heart!

Apologize: It’s quiet tough when the friend you trusted all your feelings with, the person whom you took to be your counselor, advisor, listener and everything is no more there to support you, isn’t it? So do a bit of sacrifice and let that self esteem of yours down for a moment and say sorry. It’d be good for a change. If you have committed a mistake, say sorry and trust me, you won’t become any smaller! Inspect the matter if you feel like and make him realize what he did, but be gentle! Mark a point; it takes two to make it work – so it takes two to make it go down the drain. If he was wrong, your reaction to his mistake must have been equally contributive to make your friendship what it is today!I_Miss_You

Cherish the good times: Those ice creams you had fought over, those jokes you’d cracked, those pranks you had played and those innumerous time when you had save each other are hard to forget, right? So when you guys interact, make him aware how much those events meant to you and with what precision you remember them Just forget the hard times and fights and I’m sure it won’t be long before the both of you crack the deal and become BFF’s forever.

Whatever you do, make it fast. Time is known to worsen many situations. But then, sometimes it’s also good. A few days or months spent apart gives the parties time to miss each other and ponder on what they’d done. Each case is different! Both of you should remain patient and remember that right in the beginning you won’t be as close as you used to be, but time will heal all.

Conclusively, rules to fixing a friendship are not written, it depends on you and your understanding of your friend. Women, often keep their frustration and feelings bottled up in them as they admittedly know that men would just state it as cat fighting and other women are not really trust worthy. It does rise  a question of whether your mediator is a helper or problem creator.


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