Hypnotherapy -Sync your mind and body

This one is for all those mentally stressed people who think this is the end!

The best way to turn over a new leaf in life is to think differently, discover the horizons, the endlessness of life, to vibe positively and to glow and elevate mentally. But then the problem is, how do we go about doing that? How to bring about a change?

A possible answer to these questions could be hypnotherapy! Yes, it’s exactly what you think…or maybe! But whatever your thoughts may point at, one thing is clear – it is related and included in hypnosis.

What is hypnotherapy?

To define hypnotherapy, one would say it’s a psychotherapy that creates a subconscious change in a person by the way of new thoughts and attitudes.

When a person is hypnotized, he or she opens up to his or her innermost feelings, completely vulnerable to the exploits of the mind. He or she would frankly reveal the most sensitive of his or her secrets in a manner unthinkable.

Though exploitive at times, it does wonders for a person psychologically disturbed.

Is it used in the contemporary world?

Positively, it is! It is used to the fullest of its capabilities today.

During a woman’s crucial period of life – pregnancy – is one those moments that drive a girl crazy. The anxiety of giving birth to a baby is fought with using hypnotherapy. The pain is taut and the relaxation after the therapy is heavenly.

Hysteria, in the Victorian era, was a condition treated through hypnosis. In the contemporary world, it treats some similar problems such as anxiety, depressions, habitual disorders, psychological disorders, phobias completely irrational and also addiction. Insomnia is widely treated with hypnotherapy. The life after death cases, like those in cancer patients and other patients of fatal diseases like breast cancer and gastro – intestinal problems are boosted up using hypnotherapy.

Does it leave me vulnerable?

No! People often hesitate to go in for hypnotherapy as it reaches a stage where the person is no longer in control of his physical or mental being. His mind is opened up and his heart speaks – and that’s not what a person would exactly welcome.

But, a point to note is that hypnotherapy is nothing like the typical hypnosis shown in movies. Rather, through this therapy you would find a bridge between your communal heart and your brain. Your rigid reasoning finds a way to freedom and your attitude, posture and stance changes with a level of thinking much beyond the scopes you think you may achieve.

What is the basic fundamental of hypnotherapy?

Imagination! No – not fantasy, but imagination is what is used in hypnotherapy. You are sent to a world you’d like to be – not a fantastic but realistic one. Don’t make assumptions on the powers f hypnosis being a mere work fiction. You’d be mistaken then.

Imagination is a tool that raises a person much above the world of materialism. As Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!”

So a bit of pondering over on this is worth the time spent – hypnotherapy is a way to connect again!

Stay Blessed! Love you all ❤

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